About Us

After being given the opportunity to manage a successful company in the textile industry,  I have been fortunate enough to receive so many blessings in my life. Now, I feel as if I am in a place in my life where I could give back to those in need. This idea has resulted in the creation of project, Lifescarf.com, which is an online store I started with the help of my good friend, Shalom Aynesazan. Our goal is to work with organizations and charities who focus on children’s medical needs.

I want to create a movement where people will have the opportunity to be a part of something wonderful. Project Lifescarf.com is an organization that will help raise awareness on how easy it is for us to help children in need of medical attention in different ways. With your support we can head towards the bigger goal which is to help children in need around the world. It is important to know and deeply understand what we’re here to do in this beautiful but short life. What’s my highest purpose? What’s my mission? How do I continue to discover that and take action every day towards that mission? I want to make a choice every single day to step into my fullest potential.

That brings me to the collection. As part of the design process, My team and I wanted to create a quality scarves that represents that higher purpose: scarves that allow you to find that perfect balance of color and blend it in different situations. I wanted the scarves to not only function well but also reflect the way everyone wants to feel in their day to day life, to create a high quality line of scarves that people can be proud to wear and support. 

My brand and vision is about connecting with our inner happiness but also knowing that there’s  a lot of reason to celebrate life. It is important that we create this balance in this life because others have and are experiencing similar challenges in their journey. We’re here to support each other and recognize that we’re all a work in progress, a movement of support and community. This awareness leads me to connect to people who have persevered in their own stories, inspires me to wake up every day and work harder, do better, be more present, and make a difference.

We have one life so let’s live it to its fullest, whatever that means for each and everyone of us. The world wouldn’t be the same without your unique gift. Figure out what that is for you, live it, make a choice, make it happen.

-Michael W. De Leon


“Prospective” – What is necessary should not be unattainable by being too costly especially to those in need.”