Our Story


We’ve always believe in the saying “Children see magic because they look for it” – Christopher Moore, Writer. Here at LifeScarf.com we believe that we can create a better world for all the Children in need by making them believe in magic. We know that it will be a challenge to build an amazing brand and start a movement but like any other kid in the world we do believe in magic and we hope to create a movement made up of inspiring people from all over the World the truly represent LifeScarf ideals and help spread our message wherever they go. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please click here to join the movement.



When you purchase LifeScarf products, you are officially creating magic in every kid’s life at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”. We are committed to raising awareness about how each of us can help improve children’s lives, and we will hold art projects for children so that later on we are able to use their art as designs for future LifeScarf products.


Become An Ambassador

It is our desire and commitment to raise invaluable proceeds for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with our “LIFESCARF” Campaign. Together we can help continue in making every kids life better.
Giving is at the heart of miracles that take place daily at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The spirit of this hospital extends beyond our eight-acre campus into a broader community of individuals, foundations, and businesses.  You are an example of this spirit and we can’t thank you enough for your commitment to the hospital and the young patients we serve.
– Laura Gatewood
– Associate Director
– Special Events
– Children’s Hospital Los Angeles